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Man on mission to give hugs across America stops in Richmond, Virginia to spread love on a very hot day.

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Free hugs! Father & daughters hit the beach and bike paths in Hilton Head Island "shrinking the divide one hug at a time


Hug It Out America family hits Savannah GA morning show to talk about his 50 state hug mission and give hugs to all in the studio.

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Father & daughter on a mission to 'hug out hate". Bring some love to dad's childhood home of Greenville, South Carolina.


Hug It Out America rolls into South Carolina in the pouring rain giving soppy hug to all.

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Hug It Out America rolls into Kentucky. Dad and his youngest daughter stop by tv station to talk about  hug board 

and the mission.

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Man with a family of four spends the day giving hugs to all on a historic sidewalk in Savannah, Georgia.

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Man stands on a small town bridge in Northampton, MA giving free hugs and understanding to all who oblige.

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