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In 2016 the day after Trump won the election I got in a scuffle with a man in a red hat. I was thrown in jail and my life spiraled down. When I got out I decided to start literally loving my enemy and wrapping my arms around all Americans whether I agreed with them or not. Up until that point I had barely hugged my mom. That evolved into a mission to wrap my arms around all 50 states with my kids often in tow. The pandemic hit and while I still gave free hugs sparingly my mission screeched to a halt. Not soon after I found myself separated in that painful process I became a born again Christian. Today I use my hugs to spread the message of Jesus Christ to all. I have been to 24 states so far and given over 15000 hugs. This summer I will visit 14 more. I need someone riding shotgun though. That could be you. Two requirements for the trip. You are well versed in social media and no how to take video on a phone. Oh and if you get car sick this is probably not a good fit. I will cover your air fare, all gas,  food lodging, and plenty of fun along the way. So if this sounds like a fun way to spend July 1st until July 14th. Fill out the form and write an essay of why you would like to join me. I will pick one person to join me.

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